April Science!

It’s April, the 4th month of year, and the month that is traditionally opened with April Fool’s Day! It’s also a month that we’ve said goodbye to many famous scientists, while also opening the doors to new people and discoveries. … More April Science!

A taste of Acacia difficilis

I like to think of the person who might have discovered the effects of Acacia difficilis walking back to his tribe and saying, “hey guys, I can fish for all of you while sitting around all day!”

You can see the fish darting below the reflection of tall wattles and golden sunlight. They’ve lost their stunning yellow flowers and the long seed pods are beginning to harden. You’ve never eaten those seeds, but you’re curious, why not feed them to a fish and see what happens?  … More A taste of Acacia difficilis

A Light-powered Lightyear

A lightyear is a distance unit equivalent to 9,500,000,000,000 kilometres, the distance that light in a vacuum will travel in a year. It’s also the total distance travelled by cars every year.

That statistic is absolutely mind-blowing. Light travels 299,792 kilometres every second and if most cars are travelling an average of let’s say 0.02 km/s (about 70 km/h) then that means that in order to travel a lightyear by car in a year then that means we have to have … 14,989,600 cars travelling at 70 km/h … ALL THE TIME! … More A Light-powered Lightyear