Book Review: The Glass Universe

An incredible group of women working in poor conditions for incredible hours and minimal wages made some of the most influential discoveries in astronomy by cataloguing stars from hundreds of thousands of fragile glass photographic plates. … More Book Review: The Glass Universe

Linus Pauling- World Science Day for Peace and Development

Last week, on November 10th, it was World Science Day for Peace and Development. This event was established in 2001 and aims to promote the role of science in society and how it relates to peace and development. 

And what would be a better example than that of Linus Pauling, an incredible chemist who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry¬†and a Nobel Peace Prize? … More Linus Pauling- World Science Day for Peace and Development

June Science

Welcome to the month of June, the sixth month of the year … but we won’t actually be exactly halfway through the year until midnight July 2nd! Anyway, we’re on to see another compilation of the great works, births, death and achievements of many scientists and ‘normal’ people who dabbled in invention, including believe-it-or-not, an 11 year-old! … More June Science