About Me

Sciencia Potentia Est combines my loves of learning, writing and science all together into one!

I’m currently a Chemistry student with an aim to go into research and science communication. I really enjoy learning interesting facts, information or concepts and then sharing them with other people. Previously I’ve mainly just talked to people I know and now I’d like to try and communicate my passion through writing!

What I’m Doing

I blog every week about interesting science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics because I love science and I love to write.

I see this as a journey … a ‘journey of discovery’, for me in writing and for you in learning about some pretty cool stuff, like how you’re taller in the morning and how to time travel with Physics (posts coming soon!).

If you’re interested, you can read about the quote ‘Sciencia Potentia Est‘ and why I’ve started this blog below. Have fun reading!


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Sciencia Potentia Est – “Knowledge is Power”

Perhaps one of the most famous quotes of all time, the latin words are generally attributed to Sir Francis Bacon in his 1597 ‘Meditationes Sacrae’. It’s found often since then, in many languages, in the works of many authors and scholars who’ve dedicated their lives to gaining knowledge.

According to the quote, their gain of knowledge equates to becoming more powerful. And that makes sense. Imagine you’re a general fighting a war. Knowledge of the geography will make you immensely more powerful when attacking. Or closer to home, you’re applying for a job and knowing about the company is going to make you a powerful candidate. Perhaps you’re a student and your knowledge gets you good grades and a reputation. Wherever you are, chances are that knowledge about your field or interests will get you further and make you a more powerful person.

But this phrase resounds with me for a slightly different reason.

Why, you might ask?

Because I love to learn. I find the world around me absolutely fascinating and I want to know why things happen and how everything works … in short, I’m searching for knowledge. I don’t know if that knowledge makes me much more powerful, many people don’t care about identifying every bird that flies into their yard or how quantum mechanics impacts photosynthesis. But that doesn’t matter too much, it might be useful for random trivia nights or sometime later in life, but meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed learning and found some pretty cool stuff out there.

So now I’d like to share some of it. Interesting science facts, ideas and discoveries or just plain weirdness, right here every week!

So join me on a continual journey of discovery and perhaps gain some bonus power!